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USB Flash drives
provide the same range of options as CDs und DVDs.

With the independence from telecommunications networks, its high capacity and short production cycle, USB Flash drives are an ideal promotional gift.

This interactive Info-media device is already state of the art in some branches.
interaktive Info-Sticks
What we do for you
Through our expertise and experience we offer you the security of using an up to date information product..

With our quick production cycle, we are the market leader in interactive USB sticks.

In the market segment for Info-USB Flash drives, you can find a broad variety of programming qualities, particularly in adapting to different computer worlds (Mac / Windows).

We can offer you a solution, tailored to your needs.

Who does it?

Please don't hesitate to contact us.
We look forward to your inquiry.

Petunienweg 18
D-60433 Frankfurt
Tel +49-170-3815683
mail at web-mill.de

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specialized in the creation, programming
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